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Have You Experienced a Car Accident? Kosnett Personal Injury Attorneys are Ready to Fight for Your Rights

Car accidents

No two car accidents are exactly alike. If you experienced catastrophic harm or if someone in your car died, your case could be worth a substantial amount of money. You may also need to file a claim against one or more persons involved in your accident. Whatever the circumstances, don’t allow an insurance company to decide the value of your case. Always consult with a legal expert.

Before you file a Car accident insurance claim allow Kosnett Personal Injury to help you assess your losses and determine the amount of compensation to include in your initial demand letter. Stating the right amount for your insurance losses will improve the chances of getting the fair and reasonable settlement that you deserve.

When filing a car accident claim consider your past, current, and possible future medical care and expense needs, which may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Hospital and emergency services debt
  • Loss of income or wages
  • Disability equipment and other necessary accommodations
  • Property damages including auto repairs or replacement
  • Physical discomfort, pain, loss of mobility
  • Psychological distress, trauma, and suffering
  • Loss of “usual” life activities and joy
  • Wrongdoer harm including wrongful death and punitive damages

What If My Accident Was a Hit-and-Run?

If you experienced a hit-and-run, chances are you have no identifiable information about the runaway driver. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney who understands the fine points of “at-fault” insurance laws in California can make all of the difference in your securing a fair and just settlement.

The first important step following a hit-and-run accident is to immediately contact the police. A prompt investigation of the accident site is your best chance in identifying the at-fault driver, which will make it easier for you to file your car accident claim with the hit-and-run driver’s insurance carrier. As soon as possible, you should also contact your insurance agent.

If the police are unable to identify the at-fault driver, you will pursue your claim through your own auto insurance carrier. If another party was also involved in the accident, you may be able to submit a claim against that driver as well. A qualified personal injury attorney at Kosnett can assess the details of your hit-and-run accident and advise you of your financial compensation options. If a third party contributed to your accident such as a commercial driver who is working for a business, the City or State who is liable for any dangerous road conditions, or the manufacturer of a defective automobile part they too may be named as liable parties.


Our trusted, experienced personal injury attorneys are ready to put our reputation and expertise on the line for you. Regardless of your legal issue, our team is dedicated to helping you secure a fair and favorable settlement and have the peace of mind that goes along with knowing you’re in qualified legal hands.


Because our services are provided on contingency, you won’t pay upfront costs. You only pay us if we win. This enables you to focus on what matters most—recovering from your car accident. And, while you focus on getting well, we will focus on building your base for the best possible outcome.

Kosnett Personal Injury headquarters are located in Los Angeles with additional offices throughout California. Since 1999, we have been serving clients nationwide, with a concentration in Southern California counties including Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Orange, San Diego, Kern, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Imperial. We also serve Northern California counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, Sacramento, San Mateo, Solano, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Napa, Yolo, and Sonoma.


We firmly believe that everyone has a right to qualified legal representation. Allow our personal injury attorneys to fight for your rights and benefits. Schedule a free consultation, call or email us at 1-877-959-2937 or


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