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Were You Harmed in a Construction Accident? Kosnett Personal Injury Attorneys have the Experience You Need

Construction accidents

Working on a construction site can be extremely dangerous. From the use of heavy equipment and potentially toxic materials to the hazards of working in close proximity to others, accidents can take place at any time. When an accident occurs, the results can be disastrous.

Why Construction Accidents Usually Happen:

  • Flawed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protocols
  • Absence of safety equipment
  • Improper or insufficient worker training
  • Lack of protection apparatus against falls
  • Defective construction equipment
  • Hazardous chemical or toxic substance exposure
  • Careless or criminal contractors or coworkers
  • Slips, plunges, or falls
  • Electricity hazards
  • Getting hit by debris or unstable objects
  • Getting trapped between heavy equipment or large objects
  • Injuries to pedestrians or drivers passing by construction zones

Who Assumes Liability for a Construction Accident?

  • Construction Firms: Construction companies are liable for most accidents when their workers are injured. They are also liable for nonworkers such as pedestrians or divers passing by a construction site. A construction firm may show negligence or contribute to accidents by not adhering to OSHA regulations or failing to sufficiently train their employees.
  • Property Owner: If something defective or dangerous is found on private property the property owner may be liable for causing an accident. An example might be a structural collapse, particularly if the owner was aware or should have known about any foundation cracks or hazardous conditions.
  • Product Manufacturer: Often, construction site accidents are traced back to specific product defects. Examples are contaminants like asbestos or the collapse of a crane. In such instances, the product manufacturer may face legal liability for damages incurred.

You may need help proving liability against powerful and well-resourced construction companies, equipment manufacturers, and any other possible defendants involved in your construction accident. Kosnett Personal Injury has the experience to successfully handle your construction accident case. We are ready to help you analyze your accident and identify any and all liable parties.

Paths to Construction Accident Compensation

Workers’ Compensation:  Depending on the extent of your injuries, it may be appropriate to seek temporary or permanent disability benefits or medical benefits from your employer.  If your injury occurred because of a third party who is unrelated to your employer, you may file a third-party liability personal injury suit in addition to pursuing Worker’s Compensation.

Personal Injury Litigation:  Construction accidents often occur due to a combination of factors such as the use or misuse of equipment, the activities of a subcontractor, a manufacturer defect, and other outside conditions. When multiple factors cause a construction accident, action may be taken against all involved parties.

Whether your case resulted from a fall, getting hit by a heavy object, or another type of incident, an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney with construction injury experience at Kosnett Personal Injury will aggressively pursue action against any and all liable parties.


Kosnett Personal Injury Attorneys are on your side and stand ready to protect your interests. No matter how complex your case may be, our team of experts will work hard to help you achieve the favorable settlement that you deserve.

We do everything possible to give you peace of mind, regain your health, and award you with a successful outcome. And, YOU NEVER PAY UNLESS WE WIN.

Kosnett Personal Injury has a strict policy—we offer free consultations with a qualified, and skillful personal injury attorney, and our services are provided on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay upfront fees. We are paid when we are successful in winning your case.

Experiencing a construction injury can be devastating. We want you to focus on your recovery while we focus on everything else related to your case so that you win the compensation that you deserve.

Kosnett Personal Injury headquarters are located in Los Angeles with additional offices throughout California. Since 1999, we have been serving clients nationwide, with a concentration in Southern California counties including Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Orange, San Diego, Kern, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Imperial. We also serve Northern California counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, Sacramento, San Mateo, Solano, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Napa, Yolo, and Sonoma.


We firmly believe that everyone has a right to qualified legal representation. Allow our personal injury attorneys to fight for your rights and benefits. Schedule a free consultation, call or email us at 1-877-959-2937 or

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